At Ashwood Spencer Academy, we follow a holistic, knowledge and skills based curriculum that aims to ensure that all children achieve their full personal and academic potential. We believe that all children should be aspirational, resilient, respectful and tolerant with a deep moral compass, and have a true love for learning.

We recognise that providing children with a wealth of experiences, opportunities and support can be challenging. Therefore, at Ashwood, we are passionate about promoting equality for all our pupils and strive to ensure that they leave our school ready for the next stage of their lives – aiming to open the door to a positive, successful and happy future. This is evident in our DREAM ethos:


Determined risk takers who want to succeed


Resilient and respectful learners


Expressive communicators


Ambitious achievers, unafraid of mistakes


Magic happens when you dream

We aspire to achieve these aims by ensuring that our curriculum is creative, with a book at its heart, creating a real passion and purpose for all learning. Our timetable is carefully planned, with each day focusing on a different life-skill that we feel our children need to understand and exercise. Furthermore, through providing a range of experiences and events whilst children are at school, we hope to stand children in good stead for their journeys in later life and in the world of work. We also explore topical issues which are relevant to our community and the modern world in which we live, so that our children become well-rounded citizens. Additionally, in line with our view of each child as an individual, we place great emphasis on developing children’s mental wellbeing, physical health and social skills, whilst working to ensure that all children receive challenge and support in line with their specific needs.

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